Ever Think of Video Advertising? Rethink It Again This Month!

Often bought a product for its inviting, tempting ad?
If your answer is a YES, it is likely that you understand the excellence of video advertising in marketing.
Not a corporate and not yet feeling the necessity of commercial videos for your business?
Keep on reading and you’ll make up your mind in a blink of an eye.

In many cases, video advertising is often associated with TV ads – in fact, it is much BIGGER than that. The lack of comprehensive knowledge about video advertisement is reasonable, seeing that people often look down themselves and think how complicated, sophisticated video-making is going to be!

Well, such a mind-set takes you nowhere, and WORSE, you are missing up some great opportunities.

A global survey conducted by eMarketer reported that video advertising earns the biggest in digital advertising revenue in 2013. A lot of opportunity seekers use this marketing for its high CPM (Cost per Thousand Views) which is averagely 5-10 times the traditional ads’.

Youtube, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Comcast, and AOL are some of mega companies that are appealed by the marketing. In 2014, major deals associated with video content and media are made by the companies. So, who are us, to doubt on their deals, anyway? Isn’t it a time to follow their path?

A professional SEO service like www.juicegraphic.com can make you find the treasure even faster and more focused without hassle and stress This year, as predicted, video advertisement is dramatically growing. Youtube is an instance. The benefits are much more appealing than ever like:
– targeting potential buyers effectively
– expanding a market aggressively
– increasing conversion rates
– conveying strong messages to consumers
– increasing sales
– boosting probabilities of future purchases
– building consumers’ confidence in purchases
– building consumers’ trust in a brand
– engaging viewers emotionally
– supporting SEO

SEO is fundamental for ecommerce, and an effective SEO is like a map to a treasure on the ocean! You, marketers, will have to do your best in SEO to dig up the treasure.