Is SEO really all about Content Marketing? Let’s try and understand this theory.

Everyone who is related to the SEO industry is confused, if SEO and Content really work in tandem. Questions like how do they work together? Can we force them to work together? All this confusion we try to clear out by believing in the fact, that why SEO is all about Content.

Issue at our hand: SEO and Content are not same

The main issue which people are facing regarding this concept is that, they believe SEO and Content Marketing both are the same. SEO and Content are two different concepts and they work together in different ways.

Content Marketing on its own cannot overtake SEO. Content marketing, if is successful then it is because of SEO only.  Both these are not different individuals, but two separate personalities of an individual.

Reality check: SEO and Content Marketing Major Differences

SEO and Content might work together but there are a lot of differences between the two:

  • SEO is limited, but is more technical.
  • Content Marketing is a vast concept, with more of a comprehensive view.

Success factors for both SEO and Content marketing:

  • SEO can be used beyond its limits, when used its technical aspect with content marketing.
  • Content marketing on the other hand can be successful when SEO techniques are used with it.


What makes SEO and Content Marketing come together?

SEO demands requirements and Content is the medium for fulfilling those needs of SEO.  We will be discussing some scenario’s which would prove that SEO and Content can work together.

SEO needs content. Content Marketing is all about content:

SEO can’t be done without having content in its marketing techniques. Words, articles, blogs all are required to carry out SEO techniques.  So whenever SEO requires content, it is Content Marketing which is ever present for SEO.

SEO requires keywords.  Keywords are most used in content:

Everyone knows that keywords are the most important component of SEO marketing. Finding, using and optimizing keywords, is what is done in SEO. In order to apply these techniques it is important to formulate these and then optimize them. Content Marketing again comes in handy, as it will only use these keywords in a way that it can be marketed.



One cannot be a SEO, if one is not a content writer. On the other one cannot be a successful content writer, if one is not into SEO. The matter of fact is, one needs to be good with these concepts in order to be successful in this industry. Content marketing is required to carry out SEO techniques and vice versa.

One needs to include content while carrying out a SEO process, as it wouldn’t be possible to complete the process if content is not included. The same applies when the process of content is being carrying out.

All in all it is clear that SEO and Content Marketing complement each other so well, they can’t be separated and both are crucial for each other’s success. is one such Unique Creative Agency that make these two concepts work together.

Are Mobile Friendly Websites Important?

In this fast moving world, where everything is going at a different pace to catch up, one is always trying to catch up with the fast moving time. The time has evolved and with that technology also has moved on. In early 90’s computers were considered to be the most advanced technology. There were approximately 1 million websites in 90’s and the numbers increased in the next years around 150 million. Mobile friendly websites are rapidly growing with the same growth rate of websites in early 90’s.  So it is said that by this growth rate by the year 2017 there would be 150 million mobile friendly websites.

This rapid change in web business has left no options for companies but to adapt to this change. Nowadays everyone wants to be updated about things all the time. Mobiles are a very powerful mode of communication and source of information for every individual. It is said that if you can get your customer’s attention on their phones then you have them on all the platforms that you want them to be on.

What is the need of having a mobile friendly website?

Evolution of smart phones: As compared to earlier times, smart phones have now become affordable for people to get one. These phones are compatible for browsing purposes. The sales of smart phones are increasing every year, so keeping that in mind companies should create websites accordingly.

Mobile Internet Popularity: Referring to the stats, 40% people who are having a smart phone use it for online purposes and the rest will at least try to go online once a day. This presents a big opportunity for companies to grab and to basically understand the need of mobile friendly websites.

Cost Effective Option: Mobile phone screens are much smaller than computer screens. So the option of having a mobile friendly website is much cheaper than a normal website.

Rise of GPS Technology: Every smart phone nowadays has a GPS option in it. It has made life very easy for a user. GPS is usually used to find nearby things or places, whichever they intend to find. If a company is not having a mobile friendly website, then they would never be found if a user try’s to find it using a GPS.

SEO Friendly: If a company is having a mobile friendly website, then SEO can help in improving their rankings on SERP’s like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

It is very difficult to overlook these and all other reasons of having a mobile friend website. Every year there is an evolution in the technology world, to keep up with the pace companies need to focus on these factors. Having a mobile friendly site will benefit a business in ways which are beyond their imagination. is one such Unique Creative Agency which will develop your simple idea into a totally different Digital Experience.

Failed in Social Media Marketing? Understand These Principles More…

Social media marketing is so tempting. It’s the latest, the freshest in digital marketing.
Professionals, novices, all are tempted to its advantages.
But, why haven’t you see success in it? Is it something wrong in the implementation?

How many years has social media marketing been in the industry? It’s uncertain, but of course, it is not as old as other models of digital marketing such as affiliate marketing and email marketing. Being so new, the marketing has shown a great potential for a boosted traffic.

In the practice, social media marketing can be complicated and tiresome. A lot of newcomers in social media make rapid changes in the implementation here and there. You were once confident with your strategy and have been putting much effort on it; but after a month or two, the strategy you are proud of becomes old-fashioned, not applicable anymore. What’s wrong with that? Who’s wrong?

Instead of wasting time for finding the culprit, here is better that you understand the principles or fundamentals of social media marketing more. A comprehensive understanding about them will make you stand out among your competitors, no matter what.

Before determining which strategy to apply, keep the principles in your mind. They are:
1. Listening. Listen and join discussions with customers to read their needs and behaviors.
2. Focus. Use one or two channels with the highest percentages of audience, only.
3. Quality. 1,000 strong connections are better than 10,000 passive connections.
4. Patience. Nothing can be achieved overnight.
5. Compounding. High quality contents are new entry points for better positions in SERP.
6. Influence. Connect with online influencers and build relationships with them.
7. Value. Add value to every conversation, make it rich.
8. Acknowledgement. Acknowledge your customers.
9. Accessibility. Be available to audience.
10. Reciprocity. Share and talk about others’ content.

Sounds like complicated and a lot of tasks? Of course, you do not have to bother yourself with all of them if is right in front of you. They are professional and keen in optimizing your social media accounts to the fullest.