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Are Mobile Friendly Websites Important?

In this fast moving world, where everything is going at a different pace to catch up, one is always trying to catch up with the fast moving time. The time has evolved and with that technology also has moved on. In early 90’s computers were considered to be the most advanced technology. There were approximately […]

Failed in Social Media Marketing? Understand These Principles More…

Social media marketing is so tempting. It’s the latest, the freshest in digital marketing. Professionals, novices, all are tempted to its advantages. But, why haven’t you see success in it? Is it something wrong in the implementation? How many years has social media marketing been in the industry? It’s uncertain, but of course, it is […]

Is Social Media Marketing Just a Trend?

Are you one amongst those who use social media for your tactical plan in your search for traffic? Why do you harbor your hope on it? Is it because of the popularity? What do the experts and surveys say about social media marketing? One by one, your curiosity will be answered… Social media have been […]

How Significant Is Website Development for Your Business on the Internet?

Happy Internet Day! The internet has been home to thousands of enterprises throughout the world. Through their webs, they aggressively expand their business to grab the used-to-be-unreachable markets in other part of the globe. How good is your web in supporting your business? Reveal the answer now… An official web is your ‘front desk’ welcoming […]

Ever Think of Video Advertising? Rethink It Again This Month!

Often bought a product for its inviting, tempting ad? If your answer is a YES, it is likely that you understand the excellence of video advertising in marketing. Not a corporate and not yet feeling the necessity of commercial videos for your business? Keep on reading and you’ll make up your mind in a blink […]

How Ecommerce Is Better Than Conventional Business?

Ecommerce has been an interest of business owners worldwide since its presence. Is it better than conventional business? How is it better than the other? Knowing how many pluses of it may renew your faith in it. It is obvious that ecommerce and conventional business are different. Each is unique, despite their shared similarities. Both […]

Youtube, a Right Marketing Channel for the Creative Ones?

In the Youth Day, it is good to know what youth can possibly mean: aggressive, fast, creative and fresh! The creative quality, more or less, are possessed by young marketers. If you are young – feeling or thinking as a young – Youtube can possibly the best challenge for you. Many marketers, especially those who […]

Keys to Successful Email Marketing & Increased Sales

More and more marketers consider email marketing being applied in their marketing strategy. A question lingers…Is it effective? How to make it effective? Let take advantage of the Friendship Day to send an effective email to your potential customers. Email marketing, compared to other models of marketing, gives a chance of wide distribution of information […]