Is Social Media Marketing Just a Trend?

Are you one amongst those who use social media for your tactical plan in your search for traffic?
Why do you harbor your hope on it? Is it because of the popularity?
What do the experts and surveys say about social media marketing?
One by one, your curiosity will be answered…

Social media have been part of today’s people’s lifestyle. It indicates that the media are a potential for marketing. BUT, again, it’s prone to be lifestyle-like, which can come and go rapidly. What if the period of the popularity is much shorter than what you expected it?

Fortunately, a lot of surveys show the opposite, breaking the doubts over the use of social media in digital marketing. This contradictory issue is starting to fade away as numerous surveys show positive results & bold statements about how effective social media marketing is!

In 2014, Hubspot, for instance, reported that 92% of their respondents, who are marketers, felt the effectiveness of social media for their business. 80% of them got increased traffic to their web after some time plunging into the marketing.

It is NOT just a trend. Moreover, there are practical, technical reasons why social media will be able to adapt the changes in the world of digital marketing. Here are 10 reasons why the media will always be people’s interest and able to survive. They:
1. Increase brand recognition
2. Give more opportunities
3. Improve brand loyalty
4. Increase conversion rate
5. Increase brand authority
6. Increase inbound traffic
7. Increase SERP ranking
8. Richer costumers’ experience
9. Deeper costumers’ insights
10. Lower marketing cost

It’s hard to disregard the long list of the significances of social media in ecommerce, especially, that social media give many appealing features to the web such as increased SERP ranking, inbound traffic and conversion rates! Really good for SEO! The opportunities should never be missed because of the lack of knowledge about social media. Leave it to an expert that knows what to do and how to do it properly.

Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Going to Gain Success This April?

It may be a repetitive question you always ask to yourself every month…
Digital marketing seems to be an entrance door where all possibilities can find its path to reality. Lots and lots of strategies are exposed to you by experts, webmasters and other guru.
But, what is digital marketing, again? Perhaps, knowing better the essence of the marketing will lead you to the success this month.

April Mop is getting passed by, so let us step forward and leave our silliness behind. What silly things, by the way? If you count yourself a good marketer, you better eliminate some of devices or social media channels you use now – a marketer often has a lot of channels than they need). Regardless the advancement of technology that makes things handier and more practical, using a bunch of platforms to market your products or services is not a wise decision.

Webs, apps, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc), you can have it all BUT can’t be the best of all. Each of the platform works on its specific way that requires different ways of analysis, application and evaluation. You need a unique strategy for each of them! No one can handle that without a mess here and there. So, choosing one where you have an expertise at is much, much better.

One or two social network with a focus can give you deeper insights about your customers. You can build relationships with your consumers and interact with your partners. The relationships and interactions will show you better knowledge about your customer behavior as well as preferences that is crucial for the next decision-making.

With a more focused approach in digital marketing, success is no doubt yours IF you have the other keys:

  1. Professional customer management
  2. Dynamic customer interactions
  3. Balanced analysis

Your interactions with customers or partners will require an ability to manage them so you will never leave even a bad impression. At last, a good analysis of the customer behavior and preferences will get you closer to success.

Need a firm that can help you apply the keys to your business? has all of the expertise and experience

Should You Turn Your Head to Google Adwords and Leave Organic SEO, Today?

A classic battle of organic SEO and Google Adwords in the search of organic traffic…
Who’s got to win the hearts in the empire of internet marketing?
What weapons does each have to give us, marketers, the most benefit?

A long, tiresome debate has been on the air for such a long time – that is whether or not a marketer should give Google Adwords a chance. Organic traffic is the most tempting, ultimate goal of those who run the ups and downs of digital marketing, e.g. social media marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing.

At one point, it is hardly denied how the organic traffic obtained from fresh, well-applied SEO could bring out the highest number of visitors. Nothing can beat it, even if all non-organic search channels – that are obviously fresher – are combined. Of all, organic SEO standouts all alone for a reach of 51%! And, as ever before, the hospitality industry has been enjoying the fruits: more traffic, a higher conversion rate, more sales, more PROFIT.

So, what if combined with Google Adwords? Wouldn’t it be a fantastic number of traffic flooding in your web?

It’s a fine idea, anyway. is a right partner to plunge into the battle of internet marketing, and bring out the victory. People are starting to dump organic SEO for Google Adwords while, you see, no wrong is about the SEO. Yes, Google Adwords gives more visitors, more display networks, more room for rapid changes, and, more importantly, more value of time. While organic SEO, slowly but surely, are drawing in the traffic into your web, Google Adwords floods it in no time!

BUT, just like a viral growth of Youtube videos, for instance, the fruits of Google Adwords do not last long. Organic SEO has a stronger base of all, which stands long and lasts long for good. A combination of both organic SEO and Google Adwords is powerful – sharp as a sword, fast as an arrow. Together, they are the emperor of both worlds: long-term and short-term marketing.

Want to feel the fruits of this powerful combination? Let’s contact us.