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3D Visualisation – How it Helps E-Commerce

Technology is the biggest player in any industry right now, where it acts as a tool, mediator and also platform for all businesses to be publicized and accessed by their potential customers. More and more businesses are moving towards an online platform to sell their products and services, as it is not only quicker to be accessed by potential customers, but financially cheaper as well to create an online presence compared to an offline one. Along with the rapid growth of the online shopping trend, consumers expect more access to explore what the business is offering – especially if it concerns a product.

Concerning online shopping, there has been many disappointments in the past by consumers where what they bought was not what they received. Most of the times they only rely on trust that the business is selling what they say they’re selling, along with a picture and its description. However, with the help of 3D visualization that is currently developing it will help both parties in creating a better solution – building trust and ensuring consumers receive what they are paying for.

The presence of a 3D visualization experience in a businesses’ platform is not only just to show customers what they are purchasing – it can create an experience for users. One of the examples where 3D visualization is implemented is with Nike. They have implemented this technology within their business, where customers are able to customize their own pair of shoes according to what they want. Yes, it shows the end result of their product but the journey they take their customers with this process is a new, exhilirating experience. As for now, it’s still unique to their website and because it is interactive with the customer, they may come back for more.

The world of 3D visualisation is still new, but still has so much potential to be explored. Businesses will need to start considering how they are able to implement this technology that will be beneficial for both parties.

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