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Are Mobile Friendly Websites Important?

In this fast moving world, where everything is going at a different pace to catch up, one is always trying to catch up with the fast moving time. The time has evolved and with that technology also has moved on. In early 90’s computers were considered to be the most advanced technology. There were approximately 1 million websites in 90’s and the numbers increased in the next years around 150 million. Mobile friendly websites are rapidly growing with the same growth rate of websites in early 90’s. So it is said that by this growth rate by the year 2017 there would be 150 million mobile friendly websites.

This rapid change in web business has left no options for companies but to adapt to this change. Nowadays everyone wants to be updated about things all the time. Mobiles are a very powerful mode of communication and source of information for every individual. It is said that if you can get your customer’s attention on their phones then you have them on all the platforms that you want them to be on.

What is the need of having a mobile friendly website?

Evolution of smart phones: As compared to earlier times, smart phones have now become affordable for people to get one. These phones are compatible for browsing purposes. The sales of smart phones are increasing every year, so keeping that in mind companies should create websites accordingly.

Mobile Internet Popularity: Referring to the stats, 40% people who are having a smart phone use it for online purposes and the rest will at least try to go online once a day. This presents a big opportunity for companies to grab and to basically understand the need of mobile friendly websites.

Cost Effective Option: Mobile phone screens are much smaller than computer screens. So the option of having a mobile friendly website is much cheaper than a normal website.

Rise of GPS Technology: Every smart phone nowadays has a GPS option in it. It has made life very easy for a user. GPS is usually used to find nearby things or places, whichever they intend to find. If a company is not having a mobile friendly website, then they would never be found if a user try’s to find it using a GPS.

SEO Friendly: If a company is having a mobile friendly website, then SEO can help in improving their rankings on SERP’s like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

It is very difficult to overlook these and all other reasons of having a mobile friend website. Every year there is an evolution in the technology world, to keep up with the pace companies need to focus on these factors. Having a mobile friendly site will benefit a business in ways which are beyond their imagination. www.juicegraphic.com is one such Unique Creative Agency which will develop your simple idea into a totally different Digital Experience.

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