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Effective Design for You!

To relieve you of the acronym on the title – UI refers to User Interface, whereas UX refers to User Experience. How does this tie in with how the website design is effective or not? Let’s discuss further.

Upon creating a website or mobile application, UI/UX designers are continuously challenged as to how their platform will provide a positive experience to the audience. They need to not only provide what the business wants in regards to exposure of their content/business, but also need to take into consideration of how the audience will experience the platform they’ve created. As an avid visitor of websites and users of mobile applications, we have gone through good ones and terrible ones.

A common theme upon all topics regarding anything relating to an audience, is knowing your audience. It may sound repetitive, but it is a very important factor as this will be fundamental as to how you’ll actually create the platform and have a good starting point. In addition to knowing the audience, the designer has to think like them as well. Finding out what they find is useful or troublesome and listening to their feedback.

A few technical aspects of how effective your design should be sometimes lies in the little things. This can be due to fonts, the excessive use of scrolling and the content you choose to publish on the platform. Although you may need to do some tweaking after the initial release, these technical aspects will contribute to the effectiveness of your design.

The open-mindedness and confidence is an important approach in creating an effective platform that will make both audience and the business happy. At the end of the day, these are the things that will help continuously improve the quality and efficiency of your platform.

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