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Is SEO really all about Content Marketing? Let’s try and understand this theory.

Issue at our hand: SEO and Content are not same

The main issue which people are facing regarding this concept is that, they believe SEO and Content Marketing both are the same. SEO and Content are two different concepts and they work together in different ways.

Content Marketing on its own cannot overtake SEO. Content marketing, if is successful then it is because of SEO only. Both these are not different individuals, but two separate personalities of an individual.

Reality check: SEO and Content Marketing Major Differences

SEO and Content might work together but there are a lot of differences between the two:

SEO is limited, but is more technical.
Content Marketing is a vast concept, with more of a comprehensive view.
Success factors for both SEO and Content marketing:

SEO can be used beyond its limits, when used its technical aspect with content marketing.
Content marketing on the other hand can be successful when SEO techniques are used with it.

What makes SEO and Content Marketing come together?

SEO demands requirements and Content is the medium for fulfilling those needs of SEO. We will be discussing some scenario’s which would prove that SEO and Content can work together.

SEO needs content. Content Marketing is all about content:

SEO can’t be done without having content in its marketing techniques. Words, articles, blogs all are required to carry out SEO techniques. So whenever SEO requires content, it is Content Marketing which is ever present for SEO.

SEO requires keywords. Keywords are most used in content:

Everyone knows that keywords are the most important component of SEO marketing. Finding, using and optimizing keywords, is what is done in SEO. In order to apply these techniques it is important to formulate these and then optimize them. Content Marketing again comes in handy, as it will only use these keywords in a way that it can be marketed.


One cannot be a SEO, if one is not a content writer. On the other one cannot be a successful content writer, if one is not into SEO. The matter of fact is, one needs to be good with these concepts in order to be successful in this industry. Content marketing is required to carry out SEO techniques and vice versa.

One needs to include content while carrying out a SEO process, as it wouldn’t be possible to complete the process if content is not included. The same applies when the process of content is being carrying out.

All in all it is clear that SEO and Content Marketing complement each other so well, they can’t be separated and both are crucial for each other’s success. www.juicegraphic.com is one such Unique Creative Agency that make these two concepts work together.

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