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SEO and How it Helps You

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an acronym we often see flying around in the world of digital marketing. What is it and why is it important for you? Follow through to find out the primary role they hold for your business.

Firstly, the major role that SEO plays is that they get your customers to go where you need them to go. This is done by using keywords – as accurate and specific as possible to ensure that they arrive at your website and therefore increase the traffic activity. Still a little bit confused? Think of your ‘keywords’ as those red pins on your Google Maps – by pressing ‘enter’ it will show you where exactly is your destination located.

Next in line will be – how do you create the keywords to increase the probability of your website being reached by visitors? In the early days of the web, one can be really high ranking in search engines by adding a lot of terms that may or may not be relevant to the business itself just to increase the traffic. Search engines caught on and therefore changed the algorithm to make sure that audiences find what they are truly after. Now, to increase traffic through SEO one of the most effective ways will be to implement keywords that are applicable to your business through your titles, header tags, descriptions and body copy.

In addition to creating keywords, the content you have posted on your website is also of importance and may determine your ranking as well. Fresh content, appropriate length and internal linking of the articles or information you post will help search engines detect whether your website is worth ranked higher on their list.

As you can see through these points, SEO is a major key player for the traffic it brings to your website. Generally speaking, when audiences are looking for something they go through their favourite search engine (i.e. Google) and just type in the word they think will find what they need. If you don’t use this tool to your advantage, it may reduce the chance of your website exposure to more audience. So make sure to find those ‘keywords’ for your business!

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