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To App or Not To App?

According to recent studies, mobile apps has been downloaded 268 billion times in the year 2017, generating a revenue of US$77 billion dollars. These numbers should be a no-brainer to create a mobile app for your business, is it not? Let’s take a step back as to why it’s important for your business, especially in reaching your target market.

Creating a mobile app may seem like a simple process – create a road map as to how you’d want your user to access the content your business offers and find a developer that is able to execute the project within the time frame (and budget) you’ve approved. But it’s not as simple as that. With the number stated above, that means there are a lot of apps that is continuously created and uploaded on distribution channels on a daily (or even hourly) basis that may shove yours out of the way.

So what is the key player here? Your target market. Finding out your target market and what they need from your app is fundamental to the success of your app. Your app will only be suitable and be attractive to a certain group of audience, therefore prior to creating the app you will need to research the market as to their needs and what they are looking for.

The second question is why. Why will they need this app? Is it to make communication easier with your business? Or is it so that they are able to access and purchase your products quicker compared to going on your website? Scrutinize and ask these questions to ensure that not only are you reaching your target market, but also providing them what they expect from the app.

Finally – transparency. As an example, depending on the type of business you provide you will need to be transparent about how your business will handle the information that customers give upon accessing your app. With a thought process such as this, you will then be able to understand which features to include/exclude for your next update.

Understanding how to reach your target market will be the determining factor on the success of your app. A thorough research on their wants and needs will definitely allow your business reap ample benefits through developing your mobile app.

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