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Uberfy Your Business Operation

When Uber was first established, their founders had in mind about how much cost it will cut for
consumers in using their services instead of taxis. A similar concept was put in mind when services
such as GoJek and Grab was established, where not only costs were cut but access to the
services was made easy.
The correlating component between these organizations was how they created a platform to ease
users in accessing their services. As you know, both have easy-to- use apps that allow users in
choosing what type of services they require. Albeit it wasn’t smooth-sailing in the beginning, they
have continuously used the data gathered from employees and users’ feedback on what they truly
seek in their platform. In addition to being user-friendly, another aspect they want to exploit was to
increase productivity with the implementation of their apps.
The level of productivity improved can range from making things easier for employees to see which
jobs they would like to take, to having a Global Positioning System (GPS) that is implemented
within the app to assist them in knowing where to go. From the business’ perspective, it will also
allow them to track the business in general and gather analytical data to further improve the app
itself and their business.
On the other hand, this platform is also beneficial from a users’ perspective. There are individual
components created within the platform for that assist them in using the services. As an example,
the GPS segment can be deemed as multifunctional, allowing users to track where their ride is and
how long it will take to arrive to their destination. In addition to that, for other services such as
deliveries the app will allow them to track the driver and when it has been delivered to the other
Creating an app is now a necessity for many businesses, especially within the service sector as it
accommodates the need for both business and clients. To ensure these apps act according to the
organizations’ intent, regular updates will be a necessity. This will warrant that user experience is
always outstanding (for both parties), the business’ database is always secure and business
operations run smoothly without any complications.

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