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Why E-mail Marketing Matters

In the world dominated with social media exposure and its’ uses for digital marketing, one might ask – why is email marketing important? To some, email marketing may have shifted in becoming one of those ‘traditional’ marketing strategies as it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. But don’t be fooled by the power they hold. Let’s take a look as to why they still matter.

  1. Everyone Uses E-Mail

    It’s inevitable – even to sign up for a social media platform you will need an e-mail address. That’s not the only function it holds though. According to a study by Custora in 2013, customer acquisition has quadrupled with the use of e-mail marketing. These numbers should convince you just by itself as to how important this tool is for your business.

  2. Mobile Friendly

    We no longer need to be sitting in front of a computer or a tablet to access our e-mails now. The built in application through our mobile devices makes it easier for us to reach and access or digital messages easier and quicker, therefore more exposure to the content and any programs your business holds. More exposure for your business will increase the chance of the clients to become repeat business.

  3. Cost-Friendly

    Let’s face it, as a company we will always strive to find cost effective ways in marketing our business while still reaching their overall goals. Especially compared to more traditional forms of marketing i.e. TV, newspaper, magazine where the production costs can soar up high, the cost to maintain an e-mail marketing campaign is minuscule in comparison. From this point of view, e-mail marketing is one of the most cost effective strategy your business can apply while still reaching and engaging your audience.

  4. Personalisation

    Our nature in being approached with a touch of personalisation from businesses makes us feel special. In return, we will see the brand in a positive light and will most likely turn us into a follower and repeat customer to their business. With e-mail marketing you are able to personalise the message you’d like to convey rather than shouting to the masses.

From just the few points above, you now know how important it is to implement e-mail marketing as part of your business strategy. The next step will be to implement this tool to support the growth in your email list, the content you want to share and how it will increase conversions over time.

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