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Why Should You Redesign?

A redesign of a website is imperative to create more traffic, customers and therefore enhance the business. There are a few reasons behind this and will be explored further in the points below.

  1. End User Experience
Upon first creating the website for your business, the priority was to market your business and create a presence in the World Wide Web. The fundamental contents were who you were, what your business is able to offer and how potential clients were able to reach you. However, the end-user experience was not prioritised and more often than not they find it hard to navigate through your website. Once you have executed the redesign of your website by providing easily accessible and engaging content they find useful, it will quickly turn visitors into customers.
  2. Responsive & Mobile Friendly
It is inevitable that we are always on our gadgets – whether it’s a phone, laptop or tablet. Due to this reason, it is important as business owners to see the importance of making their website responsive and easily accessed through these gadgets. There are numerous techniques that allows a website to flex and adapt the size of the screen it’s viewed on and if your website isn’t redesigned and updated regularly to include this feature, it may drive mobile users and potential customers away.
  3. First Impression Matters
Just like how people tend to judge a person upon first meeting them, the same goes when visitors click on your website. If the design is visually appealing, the content is useful and displayed in a professional manner, they will assume the company has the same qualities. On that note, if your website is outdated, poorly designed and structured, they will also make those assumptions about your company. The more frequent you update your website, the more you will be able to find what works and what doesn’t. One of the best examples of this is the use of flash.

Don’t let the process of updating your website daunt you – it can be one of the best investments you can do for your company that will bring existing and potential clients coming back for your business.

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